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A ShiteShirt is a quality casual dress shirt made with numerous outrageously weird and wonderful designs. It will change your life. What you choose to do with the power you will find in a ShiteShirt is up to you. Be wise, gentlemen.

As with all Shite garments - it is pure luck as to what combination of outrageous fabrics you end up with.
All ShiteWear is sold in a lottery format, if we allowed exchanges we'd take half the fun out of the game.


Your order will be posted on the next working day and will be delivered within 5 business days.

Small: 14.5 inch collar, 23.5 inch sleeves, 40 inch chest

Medium: 15 inch collar, 24 inch sleeves, 42 inch chest

Large: 16 inch collar, 24.5 inch sleeves, 44 inch chest

Extra Large: 16.5 inch collar, 25 inch sleeves, 46 inch chest

Extra Extra Large: 17 inch collar, 26 inch sleeves, 48 inch chest